Pablo Emilio Giron Tobar, 2010/10/10 01:31

Por favor envíame el parche, que no lo alcance a copiar

Pablo Emilio Giron Tobar, 2010/10/10 01:26

me parece muy interesante DAP en Español; Porque esmucho mas facil entender y aprender a usarlo Gracias

yhomer, 2010/08/03 07:03

como lo gtraduzco?

edith, 2009/08/02 15:53

Hi translators,
DAP Spanish (Mexico) is up for testing.
Please make sure that texts are not cut on buttons, menus, etc.
For example, please check the following:

Some Security Alerts don't fit in the space
ID20416=Ejecutar el archivo existente doesn't fit in the button
shadow_chileno, 2009/09/19 19:08

Dear Edith,

I, and I think all translators, do our best to keep the accuracy and extension of translation to a minimum, but sometimes there are some translations that can no be done shorter. There are many cases where english wording is too much shorter than the shortest spanish translation possible and it cannot be reduced even with more imprecise terms.

I would invite you to help us detect this points to be able to check them and solve if possible.

As more people is looking and finding translation mismatches in wording or length, the better the final spanish translation will be.

Best regards, and awaiting your constructive comments and pointing of translations length mismatches,

admin2, 2009/06/08 18:11

Be the first to try the new DAP 9.2 Beta!
Once you see your translation on the actual DAP screens, you may want to make some changes - shorten, adjust or edit your text. Please do so on Wiki templates Section 1 and Section 2.
Cheers! oshrat

admin2, 2008/11/18 11:32

Great work, guys! The basic translation is complete!
I added Section 2 and hope to have a testing version out for you soon.

rollyhenry, 2008/11/15 22:31

Termine con el… I Finish with it…



admin2, 2008/11/05 16:13

Looks like you guys are almost done!
just a few more lines and you are done…Great job!
oshrat, 2008/11/01 16:17

cambiar a idioma españo

rollyhenry, 2008/10/27 16:09

Sorry,… I don't know this word


What does it mean? Is it a abbreviation? Can you give me a synonymous?…


admin, 2008/10/26 11:45

Nice going - I'll update progress to 35%…
Keep up the good work

rollyhenry, 2008/10/25 23:17

Estoy Traduciendolo, ya terminare…

admin2, 2008/10/11 20:19

Hi Emiliano
to start editing you need to:

  1. Login here or click the button at the bottom of the page
  2. Click the “Edit this Page” button to start translating

Good Luck!
Oshrat, 2008/10/05 14:48

como los tradusco en arcivo txt o en word o como, 2008/10/01 20:38

quiero ayudarles a traducir el sofware dap i` like to help you to traslate that sofware dap

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