valentin gheorghe devittor, 2012/11/17 10:43

foarte bun

TRAIAN DRUGAS, 2010/05/21 03:32

salutari de la traian

rady, 2009/12/28 03:13


ionita marin, 2009/11/19 01:05

de ce nu se instaleaza ? programul ca am fat toate datele si lam si platit ca mia confirmat

stelistcristi, 2009/11/24 19:48

Cum adică ? Primeşti o eroare la instalare. Ai DAP Premium cumva ? :-|

Andra, 2010/06/18 16:32

tu de ce crezi majaritatea oamenilor iau varianta free in caz de ceva nu au nimic de pierdut , asi totusi DAP Premium si varianta free sunt exact la fel ;-)FIXME

toader_cristea, 2011/07/31 10:04

Am probleme cu shout down,ce sa fac.De fiecare data cand opresc calculatorul se blocheaza shout down.

justme, 2009/09/05 11:26

In version there is a misspelling under the Confirm download item deletion from the queue in the Confirmations tab within the options menu. The speling says şteregerea instead of ştergerea.

admin2, 2009/07/15 11:50

Hi Guys, a new testing version is available with your latest updates. check it out.
Please also see if you can shorten “Program cu risc ridicat” (security alerts, ID62463) by at least two characters.
Thanks. oshrat

stelistcristi, 2009/07/15 15:31

I corrected 8-) ;-)

admin2, 2009/07/15 18:34

Great thanks!
Can you do the same for ID62466 ? Cheers! oshrat

stelistcristi, 2009/07/15 21:13

Corrected again ! 8-) ;-)

admin2, 2009/06/08 17:46

Be the first to try the new DAP 9.2 Beta!
Once you see your translation on the actual DAP screens, you may want to make some changes - shorten, adjust or edit your text. Please do so on Wiki templates Section 1 and Section 2.
Cheers! oshrat

admin2, 2009/02/09 11:06

Hi StelistCristi. The latest testing version is from Jan. 29th. I don't see there were any updates since then. Were there? oshrat :-)

jonah, 2009/01/13 16:53

Hey everyone! A new version is up for testing. Go check it out!

admin2, 2009/01/11 15:38

Excellent! I updated the status percentage on the main page :-)!

admin2, 2008/12/31 18:24

The basic translation template is ready for testing! Go to testing page.
You can re-edit, shorten or adjust your text on this page and Section 2 page.
Let me know if you see any other problems.
Way to go translators!

stelistcristi, 2009/01/09 17:07

It's now ready section 1 after new texts ! 100% !!! :D

admin2, 2008/12/30 17:49

I added some new text!
Once you finish translating the new text we will upload a testing version for you to test the translation on your DAP. oshrat

stelistcristi, 2008/12/31 11:48

It's ready, Oshrat :D I wait a testing version…

admin2, 2008/12/31 12:15

Excellent! I'll get that ready for ya… :-)
oshrat, 2008/12/23 15:12

very good, 2008/11/23 14:17

ok, 2008/11/23 14:17


admin2, 2008/11/11 16:06

Hey Bogdan,
Thanks for the warning. It's always good to hear from users who care!
Please feel free to join in and re-edit the text.

bogdanmate, 2008/11/07 14:59

Wow, these Rumanian “translations” are incredibly wrong! Haven't you checked on the guys working here? It seems they are not Rumanians!, 2008/11/02 17:21

sint de acord sa mi se traduca in limba materna pentru a intelege mesajele transmise de catre dumneavoastra asa nu ne putem intelege si vorbim fircare pe limba lui si nu ne putem intelege daca sint mesajele traduse este okei, 2008/10/21 16:56

ok, 2008/10/21 03:36

ID62385 Close\Inchide ID61343 Unknown \Necunoscut

ID32991 Send File /Trimite fisier, 2008/10/21 03:33

ID32979 Delete file from disk \Sterge fisierul de pe Disc, 2008/10/21 03:29

ID10097 Open folder \ Deschide Director ID10098 Check for virus \Verifica de virusi, 2008/10/18 16:16

excellent, 2008/10/18 16:15

excellent, 2008/12/30 10:45

Raspunde mi, 2008/10/14 23:32

ID6001 Deschide DAP\Deschide DAP in fereastra principala

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