admin, 2014/10/30 09:35

Hi Translators,
Please choose a shorter translation for the word “password” on here (by 2-3 chars):
Dialogue Window ID: 1032 Options → Proxy/Firewall

ID20255 Password Palavra-passe
ID20251 Password Palavra-passe

It doesn't fit on the actual DAP screen.

pmraps, 2014/10/30 10:04

Hi Oshrat, Done as requested. I noticed you changed some other words also. Looks fine. :-) Thank you. Regards, Pedro.

admin, 2014/11/03 09:54

Great, thanks! Fits well now. I uploaded a new testing version with the recent changes. The translation will be added to the next release of DAP. It may take a while, but I'll post a note here once it's up so please stay tuned 8-) oshrat

admin, 2013/09/03 14:36

Hi Translators,
A new testing version is available - Try it out!
Please watch out for text cut off, overflowing and so on.

pmraps, 2014/01/21 11:32

Hi Oshrat, I need to implement the new orthographic agreement and it would be a lot easier if I had a file to do so. Almost any file type will do, txt, properties, docx, odf, html, etc. Is that possible? Thank you. Pedro Albuquerque.

admin, 2014/01/30 17:34

Hi Pedro, I would like to make sure that all (current and future) contributors to the Portuguese translation always work on the most updated version of the translation. I realize it would be easier for you to update a txt file, but I would appreciate it if you could help me keep the community spirit and add your updates here. Thanks, oshrat

pmraps, 2014/01/31 08:29

Hi, Oshrat, I too want the translation available and it was not a question a being easier. The problem is that about 600 words changed and several rules (some new, some changed) are diferent. With a proper tool and a file it's job for 10 minutes. By hand will take a lot longer. I'll try to do it on the weekend. Thanks. Pedro.

admin, 2014/02/11 15:29

Thanks, Pedro. I appreciate your efforts. Let me know when you are ready and I will upload a testing version.

pmraps, 2014/02/12 00:07

Hi Oshrat, just finished the update, Speedbit and DAP. Any mistakes I find, I'll just keep updating and posting here. Thanks. Pedro.

admin, 2014/02/16 12:10

Hi Pedro, I just uploaded new testing versions, so you can check both your DAP and VA updates. Thanks. oshrat

admin, 2013/09/03 11:54

Two more things:
In the following strings “Link Checker” and “AlwaysResume” are names that shouldn't be translated. Can you please fix this:

ID10126 Link Checker Settings… Configuração do verificador de ligações
ID10076 More information about AlwaysResume\nMore information about AlwaysResume Mais informação acerca de RecomeçarSempre\nMais informação acerca de RecomeçarSempre
admin, 2013/09/03 11:25

Congratulations on the fast translation! A testing version will be ready soon so please stay tuned.
Meanwhile, there are a few more strings to translate on section 2 of the Portuguese translation

Uchino Toshio, 2011/02/11 18:39

Passei meus dados do cartao para a compra do sistema e ateh agora nao recebi nada como devo proceder

Hebano Gourgel Dias Teixeira, 2010/12/22 22:38

luz e perfeição

Lourenço Alberto Manoxe, 2010/08/08 14:29

Este acelerador é óptimo visto a nossa infraestrutura de internet ser bastante lenta mesmo em banda larga. Obrigado por nos cederem este software gartuito.

wallace gonçalves de almeida, 2010/07/14 04:26


maria, 2010/07/12 23:05


sandr0g, 2010/06/25 13:07

Adicionei mais alguma palavras!

Serafim Eduardo Matias Lumbo, 2010/05/07 13:43

Necessito imenso

Fernando António Benedito, 2009/10/20 16:30

Muito obrigado, coragem e força…


alissandro, 2009/10/03 01:48

cancelar speed bit altomaticamente

ivone tereza pereira, 2009/08/24 03:08
  1. Ordered List Item
admin2, 2009/06/08 17:43

Be the first to try the new DAP 9.2 Beta!
Once you see your translation on the actual DAP screens, you may want to make some changes - shorten, adjust or edit your text. Please do so on Wiki templates Section 1 and Section 2.
Cheers! oshrat

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