mutrecu, 2010/03/07 08:30

Hope this question doesn't sound too dumb… but what's there left to translate? seems to me the only blanks refer to internationally used terms like “password” and “account”! Great work

jonah, 2010/03/11 18:24


We always hope that the translation are as up-to-date and accurate as possible. Also, we frequently update the translations with new text as additional features are added to DAP.

We hope that you will continue to check back here so that the Italian translation will be as accurate as possible. Keep up the good work.

All the best, Jonah

renan, 2009/08/11 00:56


admin2, 2009/06/08 16:20

Be the first to try the new DAP 9.2 Beta!
Once you see your translation on the actual DAP screens, you may want to make some changes - shorten, adjust or edit your text. Please do so on Wiki templates Section 1 and Section 2.
Cheers! oshrat

test79.8.80.211, 2009/03/01 11:39


jonah, 2009/01/13 16:59

Hey everyone! The testing version has been updated. Go check it out!

admin2, 2009/01/08 15:30

Hi All,
A new testing version is up! You are welcome to try it out :-)
Let me know if you see any problems…
oshrat, 2008/11/02 12:57

non riesco ad associare il programma con gmail grazie

turing, 2008/10/13 15:35

The translation is complete. I'll double-check everything, but it should be ok.

admin, 2008/10/26 11:57

updating to 100% on main page.
If all goes well, we'll release a test “language file” for you guys to try out (before everybody else :)
Great work,

turing, 2008/10/26 16:27

I rechecked the translation and made some minor corrections/impovements. I am ready for section 2.

admin2, 2008/11/05 13:31

Hi Guilio,
Section 2 is up and ready.
hope to have the “language file” for section 1 released soon…
oshrat, 2008/10/03 00:21

salut, 2008/10/01 16:33

cette traduction me parait très important que sa conception mérite un soutien des personnes capables de toute catégorie afin de permettre son évolution pour l'intérêt des nations.

admin, 2008/10/01 16:29

Hi everybody, don't forget to put your names up in the Credits page.
Everyone who contributes deserves the fame :)

Just hit 'edit page' like any other wiki page and add your name/nickname, notes and any other optional contact info u might want to post there.

alexvis2002, 2009/01/11 17:37

To make a software translation:

1. Check the number of characters used in the original language

2. Translate the text

3. Check the number of characters used in the translated text

4.If the number of characters used in the translated text is bigger than the number of characters used in the original language try to use other words having about the same meaning

5. Test your translation

Feel free to use or not to use these steps. Step 3 and step 4 and step 5 can be repeated until the meaning of the translated text matches (more or less) the original.

admin, 2008/10/01 14:36

mr Harrison, hi, this is a wiki translation community. Registered users can login and create DAP translation together. Click the Login button below to get started. Once u r logged in, click the link for Italian, then click the 'edit page' button.

Lemme know if u need anymore help Cheers, David, 2008/10/01 10:21

i am very intrested to know more about this Italian translation page waiting for you update Mr harrison

turing, 2008/09/30 17:46

One thing puzzles me: the '&'s scattered all over are for hotkeys? '&Resume Download' can be selected by pressing 'r' and the like?

Should I just ignore them or should I choose appropriate hotkeys?

admin, 2008/10/01 15:17

I think u r correct. I'm just not sure if the '&' sets the keyboard shortcut, or, perhaps, it just sets the underline under the letter. I passed it to our dev team, but it's a holiday today, so we won't have an answer until tomorrow.

Nice job coming up with the translation btw, I'll update the status on the start page :)

admin, 2008/10/02 12:07

Hi Guilio,
it's me again - I found out about the ”&” signs.
The ampersand ('&') sign sets both the “shortcut key” (decides which keyboard letter to press) AND also sets the “underline letter” (the letter that will be marked with an underline, when user presses the “ALT” key on the keyboard).
So to take your translation as an example:

”&Invita un amico” - will make the letter “I” become the shortcut key + will underline this letter when user hit the ALT key.
however, notice that on the same menu you also have ”&Informazioni” - which also (unlike in the original english menu) uses “I” as the shortcut letter. This situation will not cause a BUG, but it will disable the direct shortcut-keym for both items. You can solve this easily by moving the ampersand sign ('&') to another (non duplicated letter).
For example, change ”&Informazioni” to “I&nformazioni” in order to make the letter 'n' the shortcut key, thus avoiding any conflicts with the “I” we used for ”&Invita un amico”.

Hope that helps and answer your question.

let me know if u need anymore assistance,

turing, 2008/10/02 20:36

Your explanation is perfectly clear. You told me exactly what I expected. I read the instructions about placeholders (and I am familiar with C) so those I could handle without a hint of doubt, but I preferred to have my assumptions about ampersand signs confirmed. Thank you, sir.

There's something else I'd like to know. What do those Static in the source text refer to? I can't understand if I'm dealing with the adjective (still, motionless, …) or the noun (interference, background noise, …).

admin, 2008/10/02 23:57

Hi Guilio, 99% sure it's the adjective (as in motionless), but sent yer Q upstream all the same.


admin, 2008/10/02 23:58

Hi Guilio, 99% sure it's the adjective (as in motionless), but sent yer Q upstream all the same.


turing, 2008/10/03 00:25

Thank you Mr. Silberstein. That's probably the last bit of information I needed.

Aside from such minor things, the translation is nearly complete. I also checked the '&' signs and they look fine now. Aside from not assigning the same letter to two commands in the same menu, should I follow any other rule? Such as: if two command start with the same letter, the second gets the first letter avaible (the second letter, short of another collision) or the first letter avaible in the next word avaible (again, the second word, short of another collision), …

admin, 2008/09/30 16:22

One new Italian translation page is up and running… good luck :)

You could leave a comment if you were logged in.
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