admin2, 2012/07/11 12:17

Hi Everyone, We added some new text and would like to invite you to update the Bosnian translation to the latest release of DAP! oshrat

igacici, 2009/06/09 00:04

:-/ Heh, Oshrat,..

My DAP is not working well,.. contacted support, and waiting for an answer,.. If they find the way to help me, I'll be glad to try the new one, with my translation, of course,..


admin2, 2009/06/09 09:49

ok, let me know if you don't get a reply soon…i'll try to help. I'll be adding new text in the next few days, so stay tuned for that too. thanks, oshrat

saraa, 2009/11/21 16:02

evo ga super,napokon prijevod,hvala pozdravi svima iz bosne sara

admin2, 2009/06/08 14:49

Be the first to try the new DAP 9.2 Beta!
Once you see your translation on the actual DAP screens, you may want to make some changes - shorten, adjust or edit your text. Please do so on Wiki templates Section 1 and Section 2.
Cheers! oshrat

igacici, 2009/06/08 11:17

Oshrat, please repair this one: ID62465 english version deleted by mistake, sorry

admin2, 2009/06/08 14:48

fixed, thanks 8-)

igacici, 2009/01/28 21:30

Hi, Oshrat! This is it, I guess. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to help DAP community. Cheers, and see ya!

admin2, 2009/01/29 14:56

Hi Enis. Way to go! There's a new testing version out with the latest edits. Check it out :-)
btw- there are now two additional translation templates, as you suggested, for Serbian and Croatian. Cheers! oshrat

admin2, 2008/12/24 15:12

Thanks for the note about the Serbian-Croatian template.
Feel free to send me screenshots to oshrat@speedbit.com.
Happy Holidays to you too!!! oshrat

igacici, 2008/12/23 23:15

And, Oshrat, if I may,…hmm,.. to mention something about Serbo-Croatian template… I did some translations in this template, but I must say this: based on my experience, and related on our (Yougoslav - Balkan) recent history - this template has no future, cause it should be separately named, one template Serbian and the other Croatian. Neither of these nations will use Serbo-Croatian version. Sad, but true.

igacici, 2008/12/23 23:04

Yes, I was talking about the blue lines at the top of the windows. For example, FTP pop-up dialog which is positioned at the top of the main window, also History window (complete), and a certain amount of other minor things. It will be more easier, for me, if I could send (upload)some pictures of those windows with (marked) sections which were not translated. Rather than to describe them :-) Btw, my DAP version has the latest engine - free edition, very satisfied how it works. I presume that you are celebrating these days, and on that occasion I wish you happy holidays. Enis

admin2, 2008/12/23 10:58

Thanks, some of the titles may have not been added to the translation template. You mean the blue lines at the top of each windown- right? I will make sure to add them on the next update. But please also give me a specific example of a window that doesn't have the title translated.
Also, make sure you are using DAP 8.7 and up which will best match your translation.
Leave me a note here when you feel ready for another testing version.
Cheers. oshrat

igacici, 2008/12/23 00:32

Well, I did get my lang file, and it looks fine. I saw some things that might be improved, but still I need some time to think about it. also I've noticed that my DAP windows doesn't have the titles translated , those are still in english. Where is the text in my template related to titles. I have to finish this little thing so I could feel the full experience of my work. And, Oshrat, thank you for your support, I appresciate it. Have a nice day. Enis

admin2, 2008/12/20 11:53

Enis, if you think it will be clear to the users, then leave it as is. it's your call. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a mistake :-)
btw- did you get a chance to download the translation and see how it looks on your DAP?

igacici, 2008/12/17 21:09

Oshrat, I've checked the ID57664 command, and once more I've double checked it. It is OK. This is the way we translate word “ABOUT”. But to be more clear to the future users I can put, in addition, a word “DAP” if it was meanth for, or if you agree that it will be appropriate. Anyway, I'm glad that I had a chance to contribute to DAP Family. I wish you well. Enis

admin2, 2008/12/16 11:22

Enis, way to go on the quick translation!
Can you please double check: ID57664 &About &O.
Next step: I will provide a LNG file for you to test on your DAP. When you see the translation on the actual DAP screens, you may want to make some changes - shorten, edit, adjust - your translation. Once the re-editing stage is done, we will upload the translation to all users.

admin2, 2008/12/16 10:20

Hi Enis, the ”&” determines the keyboard shortcut key. The letter that follows the ”&”, determines which letter should be clicked with the “Alt” key to open a sepcific menu. For example, ”&File” means that when you click Alt+F the File menu will open, “P&roperties” means that Alt+R will open the properties menu.
You can actually change the locations of the ”&” in the word as you think makes sense in your language, but one thing to make sure is that you don't have more than one case with the same letter.
Hope that helps.

igacici, 2008/12/11 21:45

There are some typing errors in commands ID10103 (Sc&heduled Download) and ID10031 (P&roperties) (english version). Be so kind, Oshrat, and help me with them. Should I put the ”&” sing before the command?

admin2, 2008/12/10 16:33

Good luck with translating DAP to Bosnian!
Let me know if you have any questions.

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