Romanian Translation (Română) - Testing Stage

Be the first to test DAP in Romanian!

Congratulations everyone for the quick translation!
So lets do some testing and see how your translation looks on DAP!!!

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of DAP.
  2. Download the .lng file below and save it under: c:\Program Files\DAP\LocalesU.
    Vista Users: You may need to save the file on your Desktop before copying it to c:\Program Files\DAP\LocalesU.

    Last updated: July 12, 2012
    I accept the Terms of Use.

  3. Restart DAP
  4. Click the Language menu and select Romanian.
  5. You are now ready to test your DAP in Romanian. Please watch out for text cut off,overflowing and so on.
  6. You can fix/correct the translation on the Romanian translation templates: Section 1 and Section 2

Note: This is a testing version only. Please do not distribute.

Extra Non-Wiki Translations by DAP users:
DAPM_FTPROM.lng (Feb. 3, 2009)

To test this translation save the file under: c:\Program Files\DAP\Locales.
Comments can be posted below or sent to:


stelistcristi, 2009/11/21 23:38

In DAP Beta is already a newer version than this testing version ! Why ? It should be also here… Anyway, I'm waiting a new testing version… :) Oshrat go ahead ! ;) :P

admin2, 2009/07/15 11:47

Take a look at the security alerts ID62463. Is it possible to shorten “Program cu risc ridicat” by two characters? thanks. oshrat

stelistcristi, 2009/08/08 16:49

Now I wait a new testing version… :D

edith, 2009/08/10 15:06

A new testing version is available. you are welcome to test it.

stelistcristi, 2009/08/11 16:20

Thanks ;-)

bogdanmate, 2009/02/03 21:04

Oshrat, have u fixed the bug in “Download Preferences”? If yes, you should relaunch the main module.

admin2, 2009/02/04 13:17

Yes, it is fixed. If you have the latest version of DAP, you should see it correctly. Let me know if it doesn't work. oshrat

admin2, 2009/01/03 20:33

Great! What was the problem? Was the text too long?

stelistcristi, 2009/01/03 22:04


stelistcristi, 2009/01/03 22:05

I have updated the testing version… It is better than this testing version… I want to send you to attach this newer version here, because is updated. You have a address mail or I can sent to ?

admin2, 2009/01/06 15:55

Hi StelistCristi,
You can email me at:, but I prefer that you make the changes directly on Wiki templates Section 1 and Section 2. This way we will always have the most updated version online and can keep improving it and adding new text to it.
Once your changes are online, we will provide another testing version.
Thanks for all your work!

stelistcristi, 2009/01/02 13:10

I will fix now. The new text will be “Ascunde ferestra de descărcare la minimizare (Utilizatorii Premium numai)” :D It's fixed…

admin2, 2008/12/31 18:14

Congratulations - We are at the testing stage!
When you see your translation on the actual DAP screens, you may want to adjust some strings. Please do so on the Romanian translation templates (Section 1 and Section 2).
If you see anything that should be fixed on DAP such as buttons that should be bigger to fit longer text and so on, please let me know.

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